Zoroastrian Fire Place in the Heart of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Marsovo Pole (Marsfield, Field of Mars)

Field of Verethragna (Vahram, Bahram)

Adur i Chahargush (Athro Chatrugaosha)

Atur i Chafargush


Offered Yazata Worship Declamation in the Avestan Language


  • Yazishn i Adur: Fire-worship (every day Adur; Sadeh)

  • Yazishn i Mihr: Worship of Mithra (every day Mihr; Mihragan)

  • Yazishn i Ardvisur: Worship of Ardvi Sura Anahita (every day Aban)

  • Yazishn i Drvasp: Worship of Drvaspa (every day Gosh)

  • Yazishn i Vahram: Worship of Verethragna (every day Vahram)

  • Yazishn i Arda-Fravardigan: Worship of the Asha-Fravashies (every day Fravardin; Fravardigan)

Priest Atur-Narseh (Athro Nairiosangh)


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