Personal Album



On the ruins of the Parthian Fortress Partav-Nisa (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, October 14, 2000)

The Alatau Mauntains (Almaty, Kazakhstan; from my Central Asian trip's photos, September 2000)

In the centre of Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 28, 2000


In the British Museum, standing near the god Mithra (1999, London, UK)

In the Zoroastrian Fire-Temple (1998, Isfahan, Iran)

Reading my paper at the conference in Taurida Palace (1999, St. Petersburg, Russia)

One of the remained photos from Baku

In the granny's garden (1984, Orkhistena)

In the College (1985, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Reading Persian sonnets during a Nowruz (New Year) Party (1986, St. Petersburg University, Russia)

On the bank of the Hrazdan river (1991, Armenia)

In Simferopol (1992, Crimea)

My grandmother (1991, Yerevan, Armenia)

My mother (1997, St. Petersburg, Russia)