Computer Fonts by Order

I create and design new computer fonts for any world language. Please, contact:


Avestan font sample (above)

Available font packs designed and generated by Arthur Ambartsumian:  

Font's Name Price
Avestan-Pazand (PC-Windows 3.1, 95-; Macintosh; ttf, pfb, pfa, afm, inf, sui versions) 100 USD 
Avestan Transliteration Italic 30 USD
Pahlavi Book  50 USD
Pahlavi Inscriptional 40 USD
Pahlavi Transliteration 20 USD
Pahlavi Transcription 20 USD
Parthian 60 USD
Manichaean  70 USD
Sogdian  70 USD
Old Persian 30 USD
Classic Persian Latin Transcription 20 USD
Modern Persian Latin Trancription 15 USD
Arabic Latin Transliteration 15 USD
Armenian Orkhistenian 50 USD
Armenian Notrgir 70 USD
Armenian Bolorgir 55 USD
Armenian Capital Mashtots  (Muravioff's design) 20 USD
Armenian Latin Transliteration 20 USD
Caucasian Albanian of M. Mashtots 85 USD
Old Georgian Mrglovani of M. Mashtots 80 USD
Middle Georgian Nuskhuri 75 USD
Indian Brahmi 30 USD
Coptic 25 USD
Classical Antique Latin 20 USD
Runes 15 USD
Russian Arturin 25 USD
Russian Ivanushka 15 USD
Russian in Persian Style 50 USD
English in Persian Style 50 USD
Old Permian 20 USD
And many other fonts ...  




To order, please, mail checks payable to

Arthur Ambartsumian.

You will get the fonts during two-three weeks.

My address is as follows:

Arthur Ambartsumian,

Lev Tolstoy Street 5-15,

St.Petersburg, 197022, Russia.