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1. Persian Painting and Drowing of 15th-19th centures from Hermitage Museum, Edition A.T. Adamova, St.Petersburg, 1996, 376 pp. (in English and Russian) 150 USD
2. Firdousi, Shahnameh, Vol. I, Critical Persian text by M.-N. Osmanov, Moscow, 1991.  (in Persian) 25 USD 
3.  Avesta in the Russian Translations (1861-1996), compiled and edited by I. V. Rak, St. Petersburg, 1997, 477 p. (in Russian)  20 USD 
4. Abdi-bek Shirazi (Navidi), Mazhar al-Asrar, Critical Persian Text and Introduction by A. G. Ragimov, Moscow, 1986 (edition of 1300 copies). Only one copy.  35 USD 
5.  The Book of Deeds of Ardašir, son of Papak (Karnamag i Ardašir i Pabagan), Transcription, Translation from Pahlavi into Russian, Introduction, Commentaries and Glossary by O. M. Chunakova, (MWE LXXVIII), Moscow, 1987. 163 p. English summary. Only one copy.  35 USD 
6. Miniatures from Kashmiri Manuskripts, by A. Adamova and Greck, St. Petersburg, 1994. In English and Russian, based on 17 manuscripts, 130 miniatures and its fragments. Minibook, size 7090/64, hardcover.  20 USD 
7.  Zoroastrian Texts: Dadestan-i Menog-i Khrad, Pazand Versions of Bundahishn, Shayast-na-Shayast, Chim-i Dron, Andarz-i Danag-Mard, Khveshkarih-i Redagan, edition prepared by O. M. Chunakova, (MWE CXIV) Moscow, 1997, 352 p. (in Russian)  30 USD 
8. Zoroastrian Mythology: Myths of Ancient and Early Medieval Iran, compiled by I. V. Rak, St.Petersburg, 1998, 559 p. (in Russian)   35 USD 

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